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Stainless Steel Wire (316L) – $2.34-$10.98

By September 4, 2015Rebuilding Supplies
316L Stainless Steel Wire

Is kanthal on its way out? It seems like more and more people are embracing temperature control devices and with that comes increased use of of nickel and titanium wire which is what’s currently needed for those temperature control devices to function. We’ve also been seeing stainless steel wire being used in coil heads such as those for the Aspire Triton. Is it better than kanthal? That’s not a question I can answer as I have not yet used a device with stainless steel wire.

Here’s some pretty good prices on 316L stainless steel wire if you want to check it out for yourself. They have 10m and 50m rolls, both in multiple sizes. And feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts or experiences with stainless steel wire.


  • 32ga x 10m
  • 30ga x 10m
  • 28ga x 10m
  • 26ga x 10m
  • 24ga x 10m
  • 22ga x 10m
  • 20ga x 10m
  • 32ga x 50m
  • 30ga x 50m
  • 28ga x 50m
  • 26ga x 50m
  • 24ga x 50m
  • 22ga x 50m

316L Stainless Steel Wire


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  • Chris Dimiceli says:

    All 3 I personally don’t care for , my opinion only, ni200 leaves a metallic taste an gives me a headache stainless gives a muted flavor same as titanium. Kanthal gives me best flavor an vape quality again my opinion an this is all subjective person to person.✌out America, an vape on

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