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40% Off All Replacement Coil Heads

By December 31, 2015Coupon Codes
My Freedom Smokes

If you’re in the market for some new coil heads then My Freedom Smokes is where you need to be. They currently have a sale going that will save you a whopping 40% off all replacement coil heads. This doesn’t last long though, it ends at midnight on January 3rd.


  • Limit of 2 packs per customer
  • Cannot be combined with any other coupons or discounts

40% off all replacement coil heads with coupon code 40REPHEAD

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  • Mutigen Vapes says:

    With a limit of 2 packs, a savings of 40% is not going to be that “whopping” on very many coils, but good heads-up. Plus, no TFV4s, No Zephyrus coils, none of the more costly coils. Thay do have Council of vapor Vengeance tank coils, if you’re looking, aspire atlantis, the new kanger ssocc coils, the ego one ti coils, but maxing out at $20, you are not going to save much on two packs.

  • Mutigen Vapes says:

    Well, it would be. But “whopping” implies you are going to rake in some big savings, which, I just want to point out, if YOU CAN’T BUY MORE THAN TWO PACKS, you are never going to “save substantially” with this deal. It’s like saying “were having a huge sale on batteries, they are 40% off!, but you can only buy two packs.” I mean I’m broke, and I hardly even give a shit. I use expensive premade coils too, and I need some. This deal seems like it should appeal to me but it doesn’t, and do you know why? Because you barely save shit on two packs! I am not dissing you. You guys offer on awesome service here, and this site rules, but this deal seems barely worth the trouble. If they were going to bother to pull the trigger on this sale, then they should not have made the limit this low. Plus, with their limited inventory it is pretty unlikely anyone is going to find what they need there.

  • Mutigen Vapes says:

    If someone does decide to grab some coils, they also have cool fire ivs on sale for $25. Unfortunately, I don’t own one, but it seems like a solid device for the price.

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