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Aspire Cleito Coils 5-Pack (Authentic) – $10.44

By December 17, 2015Coils
Authentic Aspire Cleito Coils 5-Pack

Here’s a quick follow up deal to yesterday’s post. These are the Aspire Cleito coils which come in a pack of 5 (like the majority of coil heads out there). You may notice that these coil heads are quite long. That’s because Aspire have gotten rid of the chimney for their new tank, the Cleito, and instead have the coil head itself acting as the chimney.

These coil heads use clapton coils and are currently available in both 0.2ohms and 0.4ohms.

Authentic Aspire Cleito Coils 5-Pack

$10.44 with coupon code 3FVAPEXmas

0.2ohm Coils 0.4ohm Coils


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  • Khael Brown says:

    this is BULLS–T again. you posted today aspire cleito tank for $16 .99 and the 0.2 5pk of coils $10.44 with coupon code 3FVAPEXmas and it says this voucher is disabled. this is BULLSH-T, you do this to get us to the site hoping that we buy it anyway.false advertising is a FU-KED-UP way to try to make money.

    • silenced says:

      First of all how about you calm yourself down for a minute. Secondly, we are NOT a store. We do not sell anything. BrokeVapers is a vape deals blog. We post deals from other sites around the internet. Lastly, if you look at the date the coils were posted you’ll see it was December 15 2015 and the price we quoted is the price they were being sold for at that time.

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