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Cera RDA (Authentic) – $21.50

By August 21, 2015RDA's
Authentic Cera RDA

The Cera RDA is a unique little atomizer and I’m kinda surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. This thing is made of ceramic. Biomedical-grade zirconia ceramic to be exact. The drip tip and top cap are all one piece with 8 small air holes on the top surrounding the mouthpiece and 2 larger ones on the bottom similar to the Kennedy RDA. It has a 3 post design which has a clapton coil pre-installed. Cool! What’s nice about ceramic is that it’s non-conductive so if your coil touches it then it’s not going to short out. Ceramic also stays pretty cool which is great for those crazy builds.


  • Biomedical-grade zirconia ceramic
  • 10 inflow holes for cloud chasers
  • Universal 510 & unibody drip tip
  • Diameter/length: 23mm/41mm

Authentic Cera RDA


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