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Deviate Mod (Clone) – $62.64

Deviate Mod Clone

The Deviate Mod, which looks like it was designed by Giger himself, looks absolutely AWESOME! While the authentic uses a DNA40 chip and costs upwards of $250, this clone is a hell of a lot cheaper and goes up to 60 watts. It also has temperature control with a range of 200°F to 600°F. It houses a single 18650 battery which is accessed by a swinging door on the back of the device.

All I can say about the Deviate mod is that it’s super badass and goddammit I want one!


  • Variable wattage: 5-60W
  • Temperature control: 200-600’F
  • Output voltage: 0-4.35V
  • Resistance range: 0.06-5ohm
  • Recessed 510 threading connection
  • Side mounted firing button, without locking ring
  • Houses single 18650 battery (battery sold separately)

Deviate Mod Clone


Get It Here


Here’s a review of the authentic Deviate mod by GrimmGreen:


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  • joe tallerico says:

    hello i’m interested in the deviate dna40. can you confirm for me a few questions before i purchase. are you a legit seller, and can you send me some link that can make me feel comfortable with that? is this project 100% safe? what do i have to do to ensure it’s safety? I never bought a clone. also, I must say i’m reading a lot of negative reviews so i must confirm: are the batteries visible from the outside? I seen a lot of defects on this mod that shows the door for battery doesnt fully close! I can’t have that. I’m hoping the door for the battery opens. Do you guys give refunds? plus, if i order black is that a shiny black reflecting light or what? I know it’s a lot of questions but I need to know ALL of them pleasee. thank you.

  • joe tallerico says:

    thank you. now, if you have another 5 minutes on your hands. I’m interested in the Deviate Dna. I have a few question about this mod. Did you ever use it? I’m sorta nervous about buying it after reading about some defects. Such as the battery door not staying shut. It’s my first time purchasing a “clone”. For the many different sites selling it, there description of wattages seems to vary. If i’m looking for an authentic one should i be looking for a specific wattage that might have bin used in the originals? I heard thats only 40. In that case I might be interested in a clone that goes to 60, without saying no defects that go with it. Any advice where to get my beaut?

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