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PRICE DROP: Dovpo GX200 Mechanical Mod (Authentic) – $26.05

Dovpo GX200 Mechanical Mod

The Dovpo GX200 is a mechanical mod with safety features. It has low voltage protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse battery protection and a 15 second cutoff. You get a mechanical mod with all the safety of a regulated device. The Dovpo GX200 will fire down to 0.2ohms. It uses two 18650 batteries in a parallel connection so this will easily last you all day on one charge. The 510 pin is adjustable so no worries getting your atomizers to sit flush.

The Dovpo GX200 has some great features all wrapped up in a nice looking box with a price that is hard to pass up.


  • Working voltage 3.2- 4.2V
  • Max output 20A
  • Output voltage is the same as battery voltage
  • Lowest resistance 0.2ohm
  • Low voltage protection < 3. 2V
  • Over current protection > 30A
  • Two 18650 batteries parallel connection, can be charged with micro-USB cable or 18650 charger
  • Short-circuit and reverse connection of the battery power terminal will be protected
  • The height of the connector’s positive electrode can be adjusted by screwdriver
  • Charging voltage: Micro charger DC5V
  • Max charging current: 800mA
  • Automatic circuit-breaker triggered after 15 seconds smoking

Authentic Dovpo GX200 Mechanical Mod


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