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Freakshow RDA (1:1 Clone) – $10.22

By December 22, 2014RDA's
Freakshow RDA 1:1 Clone

Here’s another case of cloners being cloned. The Freakshow RDA is an original design out of china from a company that produces a lot of clones themselves. Wotofo, the company behind the Freakshow RDA has come out with their own original RDA and it produces amazing flavor.¬† The flavor from this thing is on par with the magma due to a similar airflow design, but it’s opened up more!

Even though the Freakshow RDA is designed mostly for flavor, you can still get some nice clouds from it because the post holes are large enough to fit almost anything you can throw at it. It also has a 3 post design making it easy to build your dual coils too. If you wanted to try out the Freakshow RDA but on a tight budget due to the holidays then this 1:1 clone is worth grabbing!


  • 1:1 clone
  • 510 threaded connection (copper center pin)
  • Tri-post design, for single or dual coil build
  • Post material: Stainless steel + copper
  • Two huge airflow slots on each side of the deck to deliver airflow from the bottom of the coils
  • 22mm diameter
  • Laser engravings

Freakshow RDA 1:1 Clone


Get It Here


Here’s a review of the authentic¬†Freakshow RDA by GoreGore Britnee:

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