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HCigar Maze RDA – $13.99

By July 28, 2016RDA's
HCigar Maze RDA

The HCigar Maze RDA is a little fella, at just 25mm tall including the drip tip. It has a two post Velocity style deck with plenty of airflow and adjustability. Want air from the top? Turn the top cap to adjust. Want airflow from the side? Turn the barrel to adjust it. You can have one or the other or a combination of both. The blue version really stands out next to the other two (silver and black) would look great on any device.

$13.48 (China)  
$18.21 (China)  
$18.69 (China)


HCigar Maze RDA Details:
  • Double types of adjustable airflow holes:
    – Rotate the top cap to adjust the air inlet of small holes (The small holes on the top cap inlet the air and through convection circulation to make the fog softer)
    – Rotate the atomizing chamber to adjust the air inlet on the bottom side (The wide slots on the bottom side make the fog stronger)
  • 2 posts velocity style deck with 4 coil holes
  • 510 threading connection
  • 22mm overall diameter


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