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HCigar Spider RDA (Authentic) – $12.96

By October 16, 2015RDA's
Authentic HCigar Spider RDA

The HCigar Spider RDA is an authentic rebuildable dripping atomizer from a company who usually does clones. It looks like they’ve decided to stray away from the norm with this one as far as the airflow is concerned. The HCigar Spider RDA actually has 2 top caps, an inner cap and an outer, the airflow comes in from the top and goes down in between the 2 caps where it is directed at your coils from the bottom. They claim that this will increase the flavor but I can see 2 immediate benefits, your device will stay cooler and the inner cap reduces the chamber which should actually increase the flavor.

It’s definitely a weird design and nothing like we’ve seen before, but at this low price for an authentic device the HCigar Spider RDA is more than worth a try!


  • Removable stainless steel 510 drip tip
  • Adjustable airflow control (2 slits on the deck cap)
  • Quad poles for dual coil build
  • 510 threading connection
  • Adjustable brass center pin
  • 22mm overall diameter

Authentic HCigar Spider RDA


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