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Heatvape Ecotank Sub Ohm Tank (Authentic) – $13.80

By April 5, 2015Sub-Ohm Tanks
Heatvape Ecotank Sub Ohm Tank

In a world of abundant sub ohm tanks, we have yet another one with the new Heatvape Ecotank. These things really are coming out on almost a daily basis but one thing that caught my eye with this one that the others don’t include is a nickel wire coil head. So if you happen to own a DNA40 device you could take advantage of the temperature protection features right out of the box with this Heatvape Ecotank sub ohm tank.

The coil heads that the Heatvape Ecotank uses look a lot like the Atlantis coil heads but with a couple improvements. First there is a liquid control ring right on the coil head so that you can control the amount of juice flowing into the 4 massive juice holes on it. Also the wicking material is marketed as being 100% organic cotton so you should get some pretty great flavour out of this too. Heck, at less than 14 bucks why not give the Heatvape Ecotank a try?


  • Kit includes a 0.5 ohm coil and a nickel wire coil (Ni200 for temperature control)
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Redesigned adjustable airflow
  • Organic cotton coils
  • Coil includes a liquid control ring
  • Pyrex glass tube

Authentic Heatvape Ecotank Sub Ohm Tank


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Here’s a review of the Heatvape Ecotank Sub Ohm Tank by Steve K:

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