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Hobo RDA (Clone) – $10.87

By October 25, 2014November 8th, 2014RDA's
Hobo RDA Clone

The Hobo RDA is an interesting device. Like most other RDA’s these days it has adjustable airflow on the side of the device but what separates this one from the rest is the adjustable airflow on the top. This provides additional airflow to the top of the coils as well as the sides. Both the top and side are able to be adjusted independent of each other. Pretty cool!


  • PMMA drip tip
  • Peek insulator for positive post
  • 2 adjustable airflow controls.¬†One from the top of the dripper pointing directly down towards the coils. The other controls the outside air holes
  • The juice well can be screwed off the deck to fully expose the deck for ease of rebuild
  • The juice well has two precisely cut opening for direct air to coil effect, result in unbelievable flavor
  • An O-Ring is used to seal off the deck when screwing the Juice Well back on
  • Engraved logo
  • 510 connection (w/ copper center screw)

Hobo RDA Clone


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