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Hobo V2 RDA (1:1 Clone) – $11.72 – Ships from USA

By January 4, 2015RDA's
Hobo V2 RDA - 1:1 Clone

The Hobo V2 RDA is a unique device that’s not only great for cloud production, but it produces great flavor too. It has a 4 post design for easy builds and the positive posts are made of copper for increased conductivity. It has nice sized juice wells and each side is separated from each other.

What’s most interesting about the Hobo V2 RDA is the airflow, there are 4 cyclops holes in total, 2 hit the coils from the side and the other 2 from the top at an angle. This in along with the small chamber produces a great combination of flavor and vapor!


  • The Entire Deck is machined out of a solid block of stainless steel for maximum rigidity and conductivity
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Control With 2 Piece Top Cap Design for maximum airflow
  • Additional Two Innovative Airflow Holes Are Designed on The Side of The Top Cap With AFC For Even More Airflow
  • Total FOUR Different airflow controls to control cloud production as well as flavor production
  • The Juice Well Can be screwed off the deck to fully expose the deck for ease of rebuild
  • The Juice Well Wall is smartly designed for your airflow to hit the coils directly, giving you one of the best flavors out of a RDA!
  • The juice well has two precisely cut opening for direct air to coil effect, result in unbelievable flavor!
  • An O-Ring is used to seal off the deck when screwing the Juice Well back on
  • Beautiful CNC Engraved on outside cap and Laser Engraved on the inside

Hobo V2 RDA – 1:1 Clone


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Here’s a review of the authentic Hobo V2 RDA by Todd’s Reviews:

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