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Kayfil Tool (Clone) – $2.94

Kayfil Tool Clone

Now this is a handy little tool, the Kayfil Tool is going to make Kayfun Lite Plus owners lives so much easier! This very simple but handy little tool will allow you access to your build deck without the need to drain the tank. All of us Kayfun owners know how much of a pain it can be when you need access to your build, because you have always had to drain your tank first. Now you can say goodbye to the wasted ejuice and mess with this Kayfil Tool!

The Kayfil Tool is something that every Kayfun owner needs, and I’ll be grabbing one myself!


  • A very simple solution to allow access to the coil/wick in your¬†Kayfun Lite Plus¬†without the need to drain the juice. Not only does the Kayfil tool enable easy access to the coil, it also allows quick topping up on the go
  • With a large hole drilled in the base so you can put it on a keyring
  • How to use:
    – Slide the Kayfil through the top cap of the Kayfun and invert the atomiser
    – Unscrew the base section from the tank and slide the whole assembly up (and out if required)

Kayfil Tool Clone


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Here’s a review of the authentic Kayfil Tool by Martyn Parker:

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