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Majesty 150W Box Mod – $82.05

Majesty 150W Box Mod

I’m still not sure if anyone really needs this much power but I’m well aware that there are people out there that do in fact use crazy high watts. So for you folks I bring you the Majesty 150W box mod. It doesn’t exactly stand out among all the other high watt devices. I has a pretty nice display with all the information you need at one glance. Of course it’s going to take two 18650 batteries to give all that power. One of the benefits to that is if you’re vaping at lower watts then you’re going to get a lot of vape time on one charge. I can’t forget the most important thing. Magnetic back cover! 😆

The Majesty 150W box mod doesn’t bring anything new to the table but it’s certainly no slouch either. I’m sure it will stand strong next to other devices in its watt range.


  • OLED screen, real-time monitoring the product data
  • Advice for the atomizer to intelligently identify the power and for the best use power range
  • Use habit memory function, remember the last parameter, reducing the adjusting time for next time’s use
  • Overheat hint, avoiding the products from being damaged for the overheat caused by abnormal high frequency operation
  • Low battery indication,over discharge protection,intelligently limit the power output when it is low battery
  • Protect the battery from contrary connecting, output without load, short-circuit protection hints function
  • Real-time monitoring the battery level, output voltage and the atomizer resistance
  • Vaping for 10 seconds at a time, stop output once beyond the auto protection, recount the time when vaping again
  • Lock the power, avoiding the wrong operation
  • 5 times ON-OFF function
  • Auto sleep function, saving the battery level
  • Increase or decrease the power at 0.5W, to save the time, quickly increase or decrease the power by press the button “+” or “-” for a longer time
  • Input voltage: 7.4V
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.1-4.0 Ohm
  • Output voltage: 8.5V (Max.)
  • Magnet back cover
  • 510 thread connection (fixed center pin)
  • Spring-loaded battery contacts

Majesty 150W Box Mod


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