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Muji Cotton Pads 140-Pack (Authentic) – $7.53

By February 10, 2015Rebuilding Supplies
Authentic Muji Cotton Pads 140-Pack

Muji cotton is an untreated, unbleached, organic Japanese cotton that is similar to Koh Gen Do. It seems that Koh Gen Do is what the majority of vapers are using in their builds and because of this high demand it is often out of stock or hard to find. Some wonderful person out there discovered this Muji cotton and it’s been growing in popularity ever since. I’ve not personally tried it as I have a bag of Koh Gen Do that will probably last me a lifetime but I do know that Kanger uses Muji in their OCC heads for the Subtank so I’ll be able to give it a try when my Subtank Mini arrives.

If you have trouble finding Koh Gen Do or you just want to give Muji cotton a try then this is an excellent deal for 140 pads that will last you a very long time.

Authentic Muji Cotton Pads 140-Pack


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Here’s a review of Muji cotton by Robert Ellis:


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