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Mutilator RDA (Clone) – $8.18

By January 15, 2015August 24th, 2015RDA's
Mutilator RDA Clone

The Mutilator RDA looks to be another cloud blowing RDA based on ALL THOSE AIR HOLES! This thing has 18 air holes in total. Each side has one larger air hole surrounded by eight smaller air holes in the shape of an X. I’m sure this gives some kind of crazy vortex inside the device. It has a wide bore 14mm drip tip. You’e not able to use a standard 510 drip tip on this one. You do have adjustable AFC for all those holes so you’re able to close it off if you wish. It has fins for heat dissipation on the top and bottom of the device so it shouldn’t get too hot.

The Mutilator RDA is right alongside the Mutation X RDA with its unique air hole design. This one looks to be aimed at the cloud chasers.


  • POM drip tip (NOT a 510 drip tip)
  • Drip tip entry diameter: 14mm
  • Finned top cap for better heat dissipation
  • Air flow adjustable, 18 air holes on the sleeve
  • Quad-pole design for dual coil build
  • 510 threading connection (adjustable copper center pin)
  • 22mm diameter
  • Height without drip tip: 37.5mm

Mutilator RDA Clone

*Take note that this is a clone of the Mutilator RDA, not the Mutation X V3 as it is called on the site.


Get It Here


Here’s a look at the authentic Mutilator RDA by Cigreen Vapor:


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