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Penny Mechanical Mod (1:1 Clone) – $22.96

By December 23, 2014December 19th, 2019Mechanical Mods
Penny Mechanical Mod - 1:1 Clone

As you may already know, we’re big fans of copper mech mods here at BrokeVapers, and here we have the beautiful copper Penny Mechanical Mod. It sports a very simple looking copper tube and end caps, plus all copper contacts for minimal voltage drop and maximum battery life.

My favorite thing about the Penny Mechanical Mod is that there is an actual penny on the bottom firing switch which looks awesome and goes well with it’s name. The bad part with the authentics though is that they only made a few of them, so they are hard to come by these days. Thankfully China comes to the rescue with this Penny Mechanical Mod 1:1 clone at one heck of a deal!


  • 510 threading connection
  • Adjustable 510 center pin
  • Copper battery contacts
  • Positive battery contact pin is adjustable
  • Spring-loaded bottom firing button, the locking ring is NOT reverse threaded
  • With logo engraving
  • Houses single 18650 battery (battery sold separately)

Penny Mechanical Mod – 1:1 Clone


Get It Here


Here’s a review of the authentic Penny Mechanical Mod and a comparison between 2 clones by VapingwithTwisted420:

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