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Pure Nickel Wire Ni200 – Available in 22-32 Gauge

Pure Nickel Wire Ni200

If you recently got your hands on a new DNA 40 device and wanted to take advantage of the awesome new temperature sensing capabilities, then you’re going to need some of this Pure Nickel Wire Ni200. The temperature protection features of the new DNA 40 chip will only work with this Pure Nickel Wire and it also must be Ni200.

If you hate getting dry hits and never want to get another dry hit again then this Pure Nickel Wire Ni200 and a compatible mod is exactly what you need. Plus with a price this low and free worldwide shipping you cannot go wrong!


  • Shape: Round
  • Length: 10 meters
  • 22 Gauge AWG: 0.64mm – Resistance: 0.11ohm/cm
  • 24 Gauge AWG: 0.51mm – Resistance: 0.18ohm/cm
  • 26 Gauge AWG: 0.40mm – Resistance: 0.29ohm/cm
  • 28 Gauge AWG: 0.32mm – Resistance: 0.64ohm/cm
  • 30 Gauge AWG: 0.25mm – Resistance: 0.72ohm/cm
  • 32 Gauge AWG: 0.20mm – Resistance: 1.15ohm/cm

Pure Nickel Wire Ni200 – 10 Meter Spool

$6 – $7

Get It Here


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