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Rampage RDA (Clone) – $12.67

By April 16, 2015RDA's
Rampage RDA Clone

Today we spotted a new competition rebuildable dripping atomizer for all the cloud chasers, the Rampage RDA. This one has a pretty interesting build deck on it. The first thing you’ll notice is that it has this odd looking cone on it, but this is by design so that when you’re dripping through the top the cone will force the juice to flow right down onto your coils saturating them very well. There are also 4 posts on the deck so the┬áRampage RDA is meant to be run with 3 or more coils.

If you’re looking for more airflow than a hurricane then this Rampage RDA has it, with 2 separate layers of airflow control so you can easily win those competitions! So if you’re looking for maximum vapor production on a budget, then have a look at this Rampage RDA clone.


  • Made from high grade 304 SS
  • 23mm outside diameter
  • 2 layers of AFC; Bottom AFC is for flavor while the upper AFC is to produce more vapor
  • Total of 5 air holes that can be opened all at the same time
  • 3 bottom air holes 6 x 1.5mm each
  • 2 upper air holes 10 x 1.5mm each
  • Has the option of single coil, dual, tri coil or even up to six coil builds easily to utilize all airholes
  • Deep juice well 6.5mm
  • “Y” shaped positive block with 3 holes and 3 solid negative poles.
  • Built for multiple coil builds
  • Has a 15mm “fan shaped” peek insulator embedded in the juice well that also acts as a counter measure to avoid the positive pole from spinning.
  • Comes with an umbrella like chamber dome that is threaded into the positive pole to enhance the flavor even if all 5 AH’s are open. Also serves as a guide to ensure that the juice will flow directly to the coils. Lastly, it’s an anti spit-back protection as well.
  • Copper contacts
  • Total of 7 removable parts (not including positive block)
  • With delrin adapter for standard sized drip tips
  • With logo engraving and serial number
  • Comes with an ultra wide bore Drip tip (15mm) black delrin

Rampage RDA Clone


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Here’s a review of this Rampage RDA Clone by vaper street:

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  • Alex Baker says:

    I purchased a used rampage rda and all it came with was the 510 adapter and i was wondering if i could purchase just the wide bore drip tip for the rda instead of buying another rda?


    Alex Baker

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