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Sigelei T150 150W Box Mod (Authentic) – $78.12

Authentic Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod

The Sigelei T150 is a new 150W box mod with temperature control, but this one has a nice large colorful screen on it. The screen takes up about 50% of the side of the mod and displays more information than you’ll probably need all on a large screen that’s super easy to read. It’s powered by 2 18650 batteries which are removable and always a plus in my book, and can fire resistance all the way down to 0.2 ohms in regular wattage mode. There are very few mods on the market right now with a large colored screen like this Sigelei T150 box mod, so if that’s what you’re looking for then this is a great choice from a reliable company!


  • Variable wattage: 5W-150W
  • Temperature control: 200’F-600’F
  • Atomizer┬áresistance┬árange:0.2-3ohm
  • Input voltage: 6.4V-8.4V
  • 510 threading connection
  • Houses dual 18650 batteries (batteries sold separately)

Authentic Sigelei T150 150W TC Box Mod


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  • J D says:

    I’ve heard both sides of the story and have talked with manufacturers and vendors. If someone wants to take a big chance with their money to save a few bucks and buy “authentic” mods from fasttech then it’s their free choice in a free country. But I warn you…look at each description where it tells you “the authentication sticker (tag, whatever) has been remove in purpose by fasttech”. If that doesn’t raise your eyebrows then you deserve to be surprised when you find out your new “authentic” mod is a clone or a refurb. Do you think the Chinese are going to throw away all defective units?? Food for thought. On the flip side, cheap accys and building tools are often ok. Just be careful. Best bet? Buy from an authorized dealer that doesn’t have to remove any authentication tags!!!!!! Beware!!!!!

    • silenced says:

      It’s a pretty well known fact by now that when Fasttech labels something as authentic, it’s authentic. Go have a look at the Fasttech forums. It’s been discussed many many times. The reason they remove the authentication tag is so that product can’t be traced back to them. The reason being that they rarely, if ever get their products directly from the manufacturer because they tend to sell these products well below the MSRP and manufacturers don’t like that. So basically, Fasttech is just covering their ass.

      • J D says:

        Which means that the manufacturer does not recognize you as an owner of their product and any and all manufacturer warranties are null and void. This is where a few in my vaping community have been burned. Like buying an authentic copy of Windows 10 from a pirate. Problem? Don’t go to Microsoft. That being said, if one wants to take a chance it’s their dollar. But they need to know possible consequences. Thanks for the response! And aside from everything, a big thank you to Broke Vapers for bringing deals to us so we CAN make a choice ­čÖé

        • silenced says:

          Also keep in mind that Fasttech has an excellent return policy which I have personally used and was a very smooth process. This is another aspect of their business that they’re well known for.

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