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Smok XPro BT50 65 Watt Box Mod (Authentic) – $68.57

By October 23, 2014January 27th, 2015Box Mods, Regulated Mods, Variable Wattage
Smok XPro BT50

Smok has finally releases the new XPro BT50 box mod and I cannot wait to get my hands on one! The new Smok XPro BT50 65 Watt Box Mod looks similar to the Hana Modz, but it’s a whole new beast. It’s capable of sub-ohming down to 0.2 and they were originally going to release it with 50 watts, but it now packs in 65 Watts of power which is more than enough for most vapers!

The Smok XPro BT50 is even bluetooth enabled and has an iPhone/Android app available to control it and keep track of your vaping. Heck, we usually have our smartphones in our hands anyway, so why not control your mod with it!  😆


  • Variable wattage: Can be adjustable from 6.0W to 65W (in 0.1W increment)
  • Operate from Xpro BT50 or Bluetooth
  • Android apps for 4.3+ and IOS 6.0+ are available
  • High frequency flat signal
  • 18650 battery (sold separately)
  • Large intelligent digital screen display
  • Adjustable  510 contact with non-conductive spring ( to prevent overheating and collapse of the  spring)
  • High quality anodized aluminum construction
  • Battery vent hole and external reset button
  • Charges via micro USB port for onboard charging.
  • Can be set for  variable voltage, variable wattage, VV/ VW with custom power curves, or mechanical mod modvia Bluetooth

Authentic Smok XPro BT50 65 Watt Box Mod


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Here’s a review of the Smok XPro BT50 65 Watt Box Mod by MeteredLines:

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