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Star Wars Drip Tips – $1.98

By September 10, 2015Drip Tips
Star Wars Drip Tips

Star Wars drip tips! Need I say more? I’m sure most of you have a massive collection of drip tips so why not add a few more? The price is great and you’ll more than likely be the only one in your group of vape friends to have freakin Star Wars drip tips. Unless they see this post too. Or you could just send them the link cause they’re your friend, right? Right?


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Depth: 12mm (0.47 inch)
  • Height: 21mm (0.83 inch)
  • Width: 12mm (0.47 inch)
  • Weight: 7.4g (0.26oz)

Star Wars Drip Tips


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