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Subtank Mini RBA Coil Head (Authentic) – $6.38

By May 23, 2015December 29th, 2020Accessories
Authentic Subtank Mini RBA Coil Head

If you lost the original or perhaps wanted to grab another, here is a great price on the authentic Subtank Mini RBA coil head. Some of the original ones that shipped had very tiny juice channels and these ones are a bit larger and go all the way down. So if you got stuck with one of those then this┬áSubtank Mini RBA section is a great option. This turns your Subtank Mini or Plus into an RTA so you don’t have to spend any more money on coils any more too.


  • PEEK insulator
  • One pre-installed coil
  • Compatible with the Kanger Subtank Mini & Plus

Authentic Subtank Mini RBA Coil Head


Get It Here


Here’s a quick build tutorial on the┬áSubtank Mini RBA section by RiP Trippers:

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