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Tobh Atty V2 RDA (1:1 Clone) – $9.86 to $10.31

By February 23, 2015RDA's
Tobh Atty V2 RDA - 1:1 Clone

The Tobh Atty V2 RDA is perfect for the vapers that are looking to ‘chuck the clouds’. This one is made for the cloud chasers as it has an adjustable airflow that’s very airy when opened up, and the inside design of the top cap helps to retain the flavor too. Plus the post holes on the Tobh Atty V2 RDA are large enough to accommodate almost anything you can throw at them, so if you like to use thick wire you’ll love this.

If you find that your atomizers always get too hot when super sub-ohming then you’re going to love how cool this Tobh Atty V2 RDA stays, even while your chain vaping. This is due the fins on the top cap help to dissipate the heat a whole lot faster. All in all, if you’re looking for a great cloud chucking rebuildable dripping atomizer, then check out the Tobh Atty V2 RDA!


  • 1:1 clone
  • Compatible with 510 drip tip (drip tip sold separately)
  • 6 air holes on the shell
  • stainless steel posts
  • copper contact
  • Triple-post system for single/dual coil build
  • Laser engravings on the side and bottom
  • Stainless finned Top-Cap with a conical internal design to decrease the occurrence of turbulent air flow or low pressure / idle zones (Bernoulli’s principle) Additionally the fins act as fully functional heat sinks which simultaneously disperse heat away from the coils and mouth piece

Tobh Atty V2 RDA – 1:1 Clone

$9.86 – $10.31

Get It Here


Here’s a review of a Tobh Atty V2 RDA Clone by Richard Ng:

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