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Turbo RDA (Clone) – $10.60

By April 10, 2015December 19th, 2019RDA's
Turbo RDA Clone

Is it a gimmick? Maybe, but it’s pretty darn innovative at the same time! The Turbo RDA has an actual fan inside the top cap that increases the airflow effect inside of the chamber which multiplies the vapor production. Not only does the fan inside theĀ Turbo RDA help to create bigger clouds with less effort but it also keeps things nice and cool, so if you don’t normally sub-ohm too low because you like a cooler vape, you can sub-ohm your dick off with this and still get a cool vape thanks to the fan cooling it down for you.

While the Turbo RDA sounds like a kazoo with the airflow wide open, you can close it off to eliminate that noise and still chuck huge clouds with very little effort. So if you’re a cloud chaser you’ll definitely want to check this thing out!


  • Compatible with 510 drip tip (drip tip sold separately)
  • Plastic turbine wheel
  • Heat sink bottom to dissipate heat
  • Square center post, and negative posts machined to the deck that prevents spinning posts
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Deep juice well
  • Comes with a 22mm glass tipĀ (22mm OD, 17.7mm ID, 13mm height)

Turbo RDA Clone


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Here’s a review of the authentic Turbo RDA by VapingwithTwisted420:

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