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Uwell Rafale X RDA (Authentic) – $20.09

By April 18, 2016December 11th, 2022RDA's
Authentic Uwell Rafale X RDA

The Uwell Rafale X RDA is an interesting new design from a company that usually brings us sub-ohm tanks. This rebuildable dripping atomizer is great for those times you want to fog out a room in minutes, or even for the flavor chasers too. The Uwell Rafale X RDA is a 4 post design but it’s different than what we are used to seeing as it has a positive and negative post, but it also has a neutral post as well. This gives you a ton of versatility, just check out the video below for more info!

Authentic Uwell Rafale X RDA


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  • Patented neutral post system
  • Dual post, single terminal ‘dummy’ posts
  • Allows for ultra complex builds
  • Active two post design
  • Works in conjunction with neutral posts
  • Wide surface area build deck
  • Designed airflow intakes (flavor mode, cloud mode)
  • ASB drip tip system
  • Anti spit back system
  • Brass 510 contact
  • 24mm overall diameter


Here’s a review of the Uwell Rafale X RDA by The Vapor Chronicles:

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