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Wotofo Lush RDA (Authentic) – $29.90

By October 5, 2015RDA's
Authentic Wotofo Lush RDA

Wotofo is killing it lately with one sweet original design after another, and here is their latest, the Wotofo Lush RDA. This one is mainly targeted to the cloud chasers but it also produces some amazing flavor as well. What’s different about this Wotofo Lush RDA is the unique design of the airflow control. The air holes are drilled at an angle so that you get some cyclonic action happening inside the atomizer chamber and Wotofo is claiming that this will give you the best flavor, but you’ll have to judge that for yourself.

Other great features like the included chuff cap or a standard 510 drip tip option and the killer price tag makes this Wotofo Lush RDA one heck of a great deal!


  • Original WOTOFO LUSH RDA electronic cigarette rebuildable atomizer
  • Newest authentic RDA made by WOTOFO
  • New and unique design of AFC (Airflow Control)
  • Made of stainless steel material
  • Angle drilled air hole providing the truly cyclone cloud with the best flavor
  • Silver plated copper contact pin, for top level electronic conductivity
  • Chuff cap and 510 standard drip tip option
  • Using chuff cap with Lush RDA to get champion in cloud competition

Authentic Wotofo Lush RDA


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Here’s a review of the Wotofo Lush RDA by Mike Vapes:

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