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Wotofo Twisted Tripple Mechanical Box Mod (Authentic) – $39.89

By February 22, 2016Box Mods, Mechanical Mods
Authentic Wotofo Twisted Tripple Mechanical Box Mod

I’m sure most of you are aware of VapingwithTwisted420. If not, he has a Youtube channel where he reviews vape related products. Well, him and Wotofo have teamed up to bring you the Wotofo Twisted Tripple. It’s a mechanical box mod that holds three 18650 batteries but will also work with only one or two. If you pop off the magnetic battery door you’ll see an LED light that changes color depending on what your battery voltage is which will give you a good indication of how much battery life is left. A white light means 3.8V-4.2V, and blue light means 3.5V-3.8V, and a red light means 3.2V-3.5V.


  • Max load parallel triple 18650 battery, also can work under single 18650 or dual 18650 battery
  • Built in mosfet protection board
  • Output Power Range: 3.7V-4.2V
  • 5 times click fire button to turn on or turn off the device
  • LED light indicate the output power and battery life
    – RED light 3.2V-3.5V
    – BLUE light 3.5V-3.8V
    – WHITE LIGHT 3.8v-4.2v

Authentic Wotofo Twisted Tripple Mechanical Box Mod

$39.89 with coupon code 5%downforyou

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Here’s a review of the Wotofo Twisted Tripple by Mike Vapes:


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