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Rose V2 Stumpy RTA (Clone) – $22.84

By July 22, 2015RTA's
Rose V2 Stumpy RTA Clone

This Rose V2 Stumpy RTA is pretty much a shorter version of the original Rose V2. What’s great about this clone is that you’re getting the entire tank rather than just a “kit” like you would with the authentic version, so you can still use both your Rose V2 and Rose V2 Stumpy at the same time if you wanted to. With everything going smaller these days it’s nice to see RTA’s following that trend.

What’s great about the shorter atomizers is the shorter chimney which is known to increase the flavor, and the original had great flavor to begin with so you know that this Rose V2 Stumpy RTA will have top notch flavor production!


  • SS drip tip
  • Single coil or dual coil configurations – Single coil with 2 wicks or 2 coils with a wick each
  • Sliding airflow control ring
  • Juice flow control – By turning the drip tip, you can adjust the flow of juice onto the coil
  • Ceramic coil cup – You can choose to not use the coil cup if you prefer
  • Re-coiling without emptying tank – Simply invert and unscrew the coil head assembly for re-coiling
  • No resistance wire not needed – Careful attention has been made to the ease of setting up a coil in the RTA
  • Inverted or regular e-juice filling – Either remove the coil head or the top cap to fill with your favourite e-juice
  • 510 connection with adjustable brass center pin
  • 22.5mm overall diameter
  • Comes with a stand made from stainless steel so you can rest your inverted Rose while re-coiling without fear of spilling your e-juice
  • If you invert the stand, it will allow you to store your Rose by screwing it into the 510 thread on the stand

Rose V2 Stumpy RTA Clone


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Here’s a review of the authentic Rose V2 Stumpy kit by A Bloody Good Vaping:

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